Kyneton Dog Obedience Classes

All new enquiries must be directed through the secretary via email at 

We have had our our last intake of beginner dogs for 2021.  If you would like to learn how to connect with your dog through socialisation and training, please contact the secretary via the email above to register as a beginner in 2022.   Classes recommence on Sunday the 6th of February 2022.

Kyneton Dog Obedience Classes are held on Sunday mornings 10am to 11am at Barkly Square, Beauchamp Street, Kyneton. There are NO classes on Total Fire Ban Days.

Your dog can be between 12 and 16 weeks of age to commence classes (depending on size) and fully vaccinated. 

 Please arrive at training at least 15 minutes early so you can get organised and walk your dog around the oval. This gives your dog an opportunity to ‘acclimatise’ and possibly take care of any last minute toilet needs.  This also prevents you turning up late and disrupting the class. 

Your First Time

The first Sunday of every month is when we offer our introductory dog obedience class in kyneton as we only have a limited number of volunteer trainers. All new dogs and handlers must attend this introductory class. New handlers taking over the training of the same dog are also required to attend the introduction class.

As it is will be your dogs first time give your dog plenty of space from the other dogs.  It will help them to settle down in what will be a very exciting Sunday morning for them.

On your first day will be introduced to correct dog obedience techniques through voice commands and lead control. These are the only techniques permitted by the Club. Physical abuse of a dog in any way will not tolerated by our Club.

For your first class, please bring along:

  • A flat collar or correction chain (depending on the age of the dog
  • A lead at least 750mm long (2′ 6″)
  • Treats to assist in training your dog
  • Waste collection/disposal bags

Please wear comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear. You will surprised how much being comfy can assist you in the training of your dog.

Class Levels

Dog training is conducted through four levels from Class 1 through to Class 4. As a handler successfully meets the requirements of each level, they are invited to be assessed before graduating to the next class.

Handlers are asked to be punctual when attending classes. Not only do late arrivals disrupt a class that has commenced training, you could miss something, which might be vital towards your future training program. Members are requested to make every effort to attend all training sessions (for the sake of continuity of training and for the benefit of your dog).

Graduation from Kyneton Dog Obedience Classes

Your promotion to the next dog training class depends on three factors:

  • The regularity of your daily dog training.
  • Your ability, as a handler, to teach your dog, with patience and perseverance. Harshness and irritability will bring only confusion and resentment from your dog.
  • Your individual dog’s response to training.


Individual graduation may occur at anytime depending on dog/handler competency in the graduation criteria for your current class.  For more details see the graduation criteria sheet in the clubhouse or speak with one of your instructors.